Tiffany Kim Stevens

Tiffany is an adopted quadruple citizenship film director known for her numerous award winning Oscar and BAFTA Qualifying films that have premiered at the Director's Guild of America, TCL Chinese Theatres and LA Live. She has worked on the Emmy Jury Finalist virtual reality web series Mindshow Nuze and is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of West 36 Productions. She is fluent in French and English, graduated from the University of Southern California and grew up in Hong Kong, Aix-En-Provence and San Francisco. 

“She’s a fuckin’ weird kid...but she does have vision.” -
Alice and Randy Stevens (Parents)

“She’s the Lewis Carroll of Gen Z” -

Neda Davarpanah, Writer, The Recruit (Netflix)

“Surprisingly well adjusted for someone who lives and breathes satire.” - Kyle Herman, Co-Founder and Producer, (West 36 Productions)

“Tiffany always drops you right into the wackiest adventures…the only rule of survival is to be as creative and bold as her vision” - Peter Lam, Emmy Winning Composer

“If it’s not done on the first take, she’ll get it on the second.” - Seannie Bryan, Director of Photography

“I can’t tell if she’s a genius or just deeply strange. Either way, it’s invigorating.” - Carter Feuerhelm, Editor

“I’ve done some pretty crazy projects in my career, and yet Tiffany keeps finding ways to throw the wildest stuff my way. It rocks.” - Mandy Mossman, Special Effects Make Up

“That Tiffany director girl, she got a wacky lil genius brain🧠 🤍” - Danni Ordonez, Costume Designer